Friday, 5 February 2010

Plane crash

One day when I was bored I asked my good friend Philippe "What shall I paint? I have no imagination today. Help me! What shall I do?!"

"A plane that has crashed in the mountains" he replied.

Turned out to be quite fun. The top images are pen and ink composition thumbnails on thin wobbly paper. The image below is digital.


  1. My god, you are posting almost every day now!
    Cool to see this one finished, very moody.

    Maybe it's just missing a group of survivors eating the dead pilot :)

  2. Incredible(!), as always :)

  3. This is seriously cool! Great to see some of the early ideation sketches too!

  4. the diffuse lighting from the fog makes this reminds me of Alive(1993). great movie

  5. Fantastic mood and atmosphere. I love how you accent the browns in there. Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. thanks everyone for your kind words!

    mobot, I never saw that film but I did see a documentary last christmas about the actual event that inspired that movie. Some images must have stuck...

  7. Heya Simon!

    Wonderful work, love the atmosphere :-D. I hope London's treating you well and you're enjoying all the snow?

    Did I tell you that D-Neg set up a phone interview for me a while back? They canceled it before it happened though, sounds like their schedule changed. Ah well, so close but still so far :-P.

    I'm doing a few months work at Animal Logic starting this Monday, will have to see how that goes!

    Can't wait to see your next piece!

  8. Dan,


    Snow is gone from London now, which is nice. Hopefully spring is not far away so I can go out and sketch more from life again.

    Shame about the interview. Call them and nag them and ask if they cant set up another one =)

    Animal Logic is supposed to be a good place. Good luck there!