Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spiky weapons and overcast light

In an attempt to prevent this little blog from dying completely, I have decided to start posting some simple sketches again. It was never really inteded as a portfolio showcase but more of a work in progress sketchblog. Anyway, I have gotten into the habit of  keeping a mini sketchbook with me in my jacket pocket, so that I can do little doodles on the commute to work. It takes about 30min so its just enough time to do something small and simple.

Im not really trying to do interesting compositions with these, instead I'm focusing on character/costume design. I also wanted to improve my workflow by doing many many sketches and bring them from idea to finished colour sketch without turning every image into a big project. I will be posting all of it here, both the successful and the not so successful ones. Hopefully if I keep at it I will be able to work out why some things work and some dont.

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