Sunday, 13 May 2012

Back to my roots

Some more lunch time Victorians from the National Portrait Gallery.

Turning torso at life drawing class.

Its finally gotten a little bit sunnier here in London so I got a chance to try out my new folding stool! Great for sketching anywhere and I expect to be using it a lot this summer. The above two sketches are from Hampstead Heath.


  1. Great studies!
    The only danger though with that sort of folding chair is that it makes you look like an old man. But it's all in the name of Art isn't it? ;)

  2. thanks Philippe!

    Lucia was teasing me for that very reason but I dont care! I want to be comfy when I work! =D

    I guess I am turning into an old man slowly but surely so its ok...

  3. I wished I had the balls for the moustache in the first image. Great work :)

  4. Or your chair might buckle under you, like mine did much to everyone's amusement (I went completely arse over tit backwards)