Monday, 9 January 2012

ipad painting workshop

Happy new year everyone!

Ive written an article for the magazine ImagineFX. Its about painting from life on the ipad. I went to the Wallace Collection here in London and painted some medieval armour.

If youre interested in seeing the step by step creation of this image, pick up a copy of issue 79 of ImagineFX this month.

Ive done a few simpler lunchtime studies aswell. These were all done in the British Museum using an app called 'Procreate'.


  1. You are ridiculously good. Speechless!

    -- Eugenie

  2. These are great Karl, I'm up for painting around London with you if you are interested sometime

    1. Sure!
      Maybe we could do a museum lunch sometimes next week

  3. Hi Karl, after reading your workshop in imagineFx i moved into your website and damn... you did work for some of my favourites movie! Congrats!!
    I use SketchBook Pro for iPad but i read you prefer Procreate.
    I will follow your advice with Procreate and Wacom Stylus.
    Congrats again!
    If you come here in italy remember to bring with you your iPad, there are a lot of place to draw :D
    Not in my city... there is only a Big Bridge eheh