Sunday, 23 October 2011

ipad plein air

I got myself an ipad to be able to do colour sketches from life. Would be nice to do it in watercolour but its just not practical. The ipad is surprisingly nice for sketching though, Ive used the program 'Brushes' for these paintings.

These first two are lunchtime sketches from the British Museum.

St Pancras station.

Queens wood in Highgate. Its getting a bit cold for sketching outdoors in London.

Exciting wardrobes!

Our entrance hallway.

Huw Edwards tells us about life in the big world outside.


  1. Looks like you're sketching around same areas as Dave Neale and myself do. Maybe you could join us once?

  2. Simon, these are phenomenal. Not overdone, just keen attention to lighting and colour. Makes me want to rush out and get an ipad to try it! Out of interest, were you using a stylus or anything with these or just your finger?

  3. Kan: Would be cool! let me know when youre going out sketching next time.

    Nick: Thanks, I got the wacom bamboo stylus for ipad.

  4. Very nice and moody sketches indeed! I particularly like the first one.