Friday, 23 April 2010


Its been getting steadily warmer here and its now possible to stand outside and sketch again (finally!)

This one was done in Amsterdam at easter. It was cold and rainy. We were waiting for a bus.

Im not sure about this paper. It gives a nice texture but its very tricky to control the ink.
It was very cheap though...


  1. How do you do these when you travel, do you use a portable easel or do you just have a small sketchbook? I've just started doing some outdoor watercolor painting but it's a mess to carry everything around

  2. I use two of these. One with water and one with grey ink (black, non waterproof diluted with water)

    And this one is for the pure blacks:

    Sometimes I use a dark and a light grey and skip the pure black completely. This gives a more watercoloury feel. If you block in the pure blacks first it looks more comicbooky. At least thats my experience...

    I always carry an A6 sketchpad with me. Try different paper types, its what makes the biggest difference. I tend to use watercolour paper mostly.

    Check out Nathan Fowkes Land Sketch blog for some good watercolour/gouache tips.

  3. Thanks, I'll definitely try those out. And yeah, Nathan Fowkes is one crazy artist